About this site

Perhaps you know little or nothing about industrial wind turbines.

Maybe you know a bit. You've heard wind turbines kill birds but think they provide green energy. You're just not sure...

Or, you think you know a lot about them. You promote green energy and talk about climate change. You downplay wind turbines' inefficiency and dismiss any health issues.


too-close-7This site will change the way you think about wind turbines. 

Debates are often about wind turbines' contribution to the soaring price of electricity, environmental destruction, property devaluation, and political scandals. These discussions tend to get bogged down in detail and complexity.

This site cuts to the chase, to the wind turbine topic that matters most--health.

The information comes from wind turbine experts, the people who live near them. And, it's supported by Ontario Doctors who want you to know the truth.

100% health. 100% Ontario, Canada.

Across the province, everyone needs to know...


Wind turbines harm health when located too close
to people and animals.


For rural Ontario families, the suffering is real.


Spread the word.