too-close-15Dr. Vito Forte, MD, FRCS(C), Otolaryngologist-in-Chief, Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children, wrote a letter about his health concerns regarding the placement of the CAW's wind turbine too close to people in Port Elgin, Ontario. He writes,

"Would you personally live right next to a wind turbine given some of the current clinical concerns from people who have? There are emerging scientific theories attempting to explain some of those symptoms experienced by those living near wind turbines. Personally, I...would not live next to a wind turbine...keeping my distance concurrent with latest scientific and clinical recommendations as well as respecting my personal "gut feelings" as a surgeon, scientist, and father."


Ross McKitrick, PhD, provides evidence in the Owen Sound Sun-Times that proves wind turbines do not reduce air pollution and therefore do not help those suffering from asthma. "Because wind levels fluctuate constantly, the more wind turbines are added to Ontario's grid, the more natural gas-fired backup plants have to be installed and kept running on a constantly-varying basis, which increases both emissions and operating costs."


An Ontario father writes An Apology to Children Living on Properties Leased for Wind Generation, listing everyone who had the power to act but instead turned a blind eye to their plight.

"Much has changed since our centennial year of 1967 when Ontario proudly heralded this province as 'A Place to Stand, A Place to Grow"...As we allow governments to expand and take over control of everything we hold dear, we are certainly leaving one hell of a legacy to our children and grandchildren."