How To Help

What you can do

Learn about industrial wind turbines.

too-close-10Go to the sites of people who gain from wind turbines to read about so-called 'green' benefits. 
3 sites: Canadian Wind Energy Association (CANWEA, any Ontario government site, or the Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW), now a wind company.

Go to the sites of people who live near wind turbines to learn about the health problems .
100's of sites created by every Ontario community where there are turbines.

Want to learn more? Check out the community sites from around the world. You'll discover that the health problems and community issues are the same as Ontario's.


Spread the word. Wind turbines harm health.

Tell your friends, family, neighbours – everyone.

Tell them about the families all over rural Ontario who are suffering.


Share this site.

Give your Doctor the information and your Veterinarian the information. Encourage them to join the coalition of Ontario Doctors either online or by using this Form.