Wind turbines are not 'green'

Did you know that wind turbines often use energy to create energy? 

Gas generators keep them turning when there's no wind.


wind farmDid you know that wind energy can't be stored?

Expensive wind-generated electricity is often dumped, or given away, at taxpayer's expense.

You've been duped. 

In rural Ontario, wind turbines are everywhere. Many, located too close to homes and farms, are harming the health of people, their pets, and livestock. What's more, they're destroying communities.

You may think, my government wouldn't allow this. Think again. The economic realities have been hidden from you. And, so have the negative health impacts.

Ontario families are suffering. From sleep deprivation to headaches, nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, and more. Livestock are suffering. From irritability, to weight loss, to bleeding noses. Read the stories

Many who are suffering won't talk about it. They stand to lose their home, their livelihood, their roots, even their family. Some are in denial. Others have signed contracts forbidding them to speak.

Not only do wind turbines harm health, they have a negative impact on...

  • the environment
  • your electricity bill
  • Ontario's economy.

Do your research. Then, try this challenge...

Find one good thing about wind turbines.

You'll soon discover that wind turbines are not 'green'. 

Help the rural Ontario families, pets, and livestock who are suffering.


Spread the word.